International Travel Is Back & So Are The Travelers

Didn’t we all feel confined or caged in our homes for two years when COVID-19 was at its peak?

It’s true, but to protect us, travel was banned, and the airports were closed. That’s why people with a knack for traveling were literally going crazy because they weren’t allowed to check off one more destination from their list. But again, it was all for protecting and minimizing the transmission of the virus, so we cannot really complain.

However, it seems like international travel is back in the talks, and travelers couldn’t be happier. So, are you ready to check out the details?

What Really Happened & The Present

It’s needless to say that, travel was one of the many industries that were hit by the pandemic, and 2020 was named the worst year for the tourism industry. The statistics weren’t improving either because internal travel increased by 11% only because there were travel restrictions in most countries. However, after three long years, it seems like the tourism industry is making a comeback.

In particular, it made a strong comeback in 2022 because international travel nearly doubled in the last two years. In particular, the opening of China’s borders was the ultimate booster people needed because China was the origin of COVID-19 and South Asia was hit the hardest (it was so challenging for them to fight back after the pandemic shock).

In 2023, it’s likely that international travel will reach 80% to 95% of the pre-pandemic levels. However, the exact percentage depends on how quickly people in Asia will be back. If we go into the details, international tourism from Asia increased by 75% of the pre-pandemic levels. At this point, it’s evident that global international travel hasn’t slowed down in decades, and two years of pandemic cannot stop people either.

The Basics Of Traveling After COVID-19

Traveling might be bouncing back to normal, but it’s important to add travel won’t be the same. There are a lot of precautions that you’ve to take, such as;


The primary reason the borders are opening is because of the vaccinations. COVID-19 vaccination has become essential, and you have to get your hands on the international vaccination certificate if you want to travel to foreign lands (nope, your digital certificate won’t be enough). You’ve to show this certificate to the local authorities as well as the airline staff.

To get your hands on this vaccination certificate, you have to give the passport number as well as its expiration date to the authorities, and they will send you the PDF certificate. So, just print it out and keep this certificate with you.

COVID-10 Test

A PCR test became essential for traveling even on domestic flights, which means PCR is important for international travel as well. However, it’s more complicated because you’ve to give your passport details as well as $150 to get the PCR test that works with foreign airlines. In most cases, the PCR test has to be negative for you to be allowed on the flight.

Check-Ins Are Longer

You might have passed through the boarding gate and check-ins quickly with your green passport, but it’s not possible now. This is because the check-ins have become longer as the authorities have to run background checks, check you for the virus, and make sure your certificates and PCR test reports are original.

In addition, it’s important to understand that no rules have been set, which is why every country is making its own rules. One country might ask you to have a negative PCR test, and another might ask you to quarantine for a few days, it’s all mixed up right now. In addition, some countries check your reports online, while some ask for a hard copy.

So, this is why the check-in process might take longer, which is why you should always leave home with sufficient time margin if you don’t want to miss the flight.

Immigration & Security Changes

Immigration and security have always been strict, so we don’t think the changes will scare anyone. However, you have to keep a mask because the majority of airlines demand that travelers wear masks throughout the flight, so always purchase a comfortable one. In addition to this, it’s better to take your own snacks with you because airlines now try to minimize contact.

Essential Documents

You always have to travel with the documents, which is why we recommend keeping the file with all your essential documents. Ranging from your passport to visa and PCR test report to the vaccination certificate, make sure you’ve all the documents to make sure no one can stop you while traveling. Also, some countries have a travel declaration form, so check and fill it out on time.

The Bottom Line

Traveling after COVID-19 seems challenging to many, but it’s nothing you cannot handle. A few extra precautions are all you need to enjoy your favorite destination, so pack the bags and print out that certificate!