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Privada Travel is dedicated to providing the best recommendations for your travel adventures. That is why we feature Carol’s Travels, a compilation of firsthand experiences as Carol explores the seven continents.

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New Zealand Ultimate South Island Adventure with Active Adventures

We'll take you on an unforgettable journey exploring our mountains in Mount Cook National Park and Nelson Lakes National Park, walking the West Coast rainforest and coastlines, getting up close to glaciers in Franz Josef, cycling incredibly scenic trails such as the Alps to Ocean trail, hiking sections of our Great Walks, and even cruising on Milford Sound. You'll experience our unique culture and wildlife along the way. Each night, we'll stay in carefully hand-picked accommodations in some of New Zealand's most stunning settings. We've been fine-tuning this perennial favorite since 1996, and it's simply an incredible trip. You'll explore the most beautiful, famous, and little-known places in the South Island with legendary hospitality and unsurpassed attention to detail on our 14-day Ultimate South Island Adventure tour. Be prepared to leave a piece of your heart in New Zealand.

Favorite Trip:

Yellowstone Family Adventure with Austin Adventures

Discover the wilds of Yellowstone and Paradise Valley from the helm of a raft and on the back of a horse. Enjoy wildlife and wildflowers with your kids as they use their Junior Ranger skills to identify elk, bison, and bears. Share giggles over the belches and burps of Mud Volcano and savor the grandeur of the world’s first National Park before relaxing in a soothing natural hot spring. With a variety of heart-pumping activities each day, every member of the family will have their fill of adventure on this Yellowstone family vacation. Join us to explore our own beloved backyard and weekend playground – Yellowstone National Park.

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Italy Self-Guided Bike and Hike

Starting from the Eternal City and culminating with Florence of the South, this incredible trip takes you to experience some of the most stunning beauty that this blessed country has to offer, a kaleidoscope of natural and human-made wonders.
From Matera and its troglodyte settlements – a landscape as close to Holy Land as anything European may come to be – to Alberobello and its conical roofed Trulli, an extraordinary example of a humble shelter turned into a worldwide attraction, from the white-washed houses of Ostuni, the glistening city, to the lighthouse of Punta Palascia, the Easternmost point of Europe, a few kilometers far from the Castle of Otranto; from the narrow streets and run-down charm of the Bari’s old center to the baroque churches and flamboyant palaces of Lecce.

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